[BEST] Gaming PC With Built-In Console V2 (XBOX or PlayStation) 2020

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It’s really about the dogs today it’s a dog video Otis and Casper the best of friends pals what kind of escapades will they find themselves entrenched in today it’s not about dogs this video is about something even more exciting sorry guys from the origin. Best gaming pc 2020.

gamming pc

Two boxes you guys might recall made a video a while back on this crazy PC gaming setup that also had init an Xbox a Playstation a Nintendo switch am I covering everything will it was called the Big O and it was just it was kind of like that childhood dream come true type scenario one box to rule them.  Redmibook 13 gaming laptop

All, unfortunately, that model wasn’t available to the general public well it kind of makes sense because it was just I mean I think what cost a few dollars but the feedback was so good that origin said hey let’s make some many versions of that for the different gaming connoisseurs that exist Best gaming pc build.

PlayStation model

So in front of us here we have a version a gaming PC with an Xbox and a version that’s a gaming PC with a PlayStationyou can’t actually buy these and you just have to choose between gaming PC and Xbox or gaming PC and PlayStationWilly do has helped us out substantially here he’s got the specs for each model on the TV here and gaming CPU price.

gamming pc

It actually looks like the PlayStation model is specked out a little bit better it’s got the hotter chip eight-core I $9.99 hundred K the-tx 2080 ti and it’s got twice as much ram as well you can customize the whole thing so if you need to have an Xbox model with this particular spec that’s doable it’s just like building a custom gaming PC pick and choose.


Your components as you like and then plug in the console piece the cool part is that the console is also water-cooled just like the gaming PC each one also has a capture card built-in Elgato 4k 60 pros the hardware they built it straight in so that’s kind of as well so.

This is the PlayStation version makes sense to get this one in black and then the Xbox version inside the white chassis so you can select the color that you want as I mentioned everything here is water-cooled this is way smaller it’s just a little bit more approachable than the whole Big O from the original video and.


gaming pc

Play console games via HDMI out or via your PC with an optional Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card. With the power of PC and console cross-play, you can even play with a friend locally using BIG O.

Elgato 4K60 Pro

I think that’s kind of the idea with this version that’s actually gonna be commercially available is you don’t need a tremendous amount of space for this thing, in fact, it’s kind of impressive that inside of here you have a fully functioning high-powered gaming PC and console living on the other side you have a power supply for the Gaming PC under 20000 and then.

You have your inputs as well as your power connection for the console on the top and then your GPU over here handles all your video out for the gaming PC so you can actually game on the console and the gaming PC at the same time an Xbox controller to go with the Xbox in color look at that the whole flow plenty of extra connections as well ssd full form.

gaming pc

Elgato 4K60 Pro Elgato 4K60 Pro

If you want to expand the system on the PC side that makes a lot of sense Wi-Fi antenna and then on the other side on the PlayStation side PlayStation controller would be the main difference over here now the other thing I should know just before we boot these up is that these are not completely final units so some things could change the one that you end up ordering this awesome.OnePlus 8 Pro

The earliest that are out there just keep that in mind baby robot over there I think my soundtrack is actually better all right that’s a game that’s it’s the hot new Jedi game on Xbox it’s got some assassins Creed vibes with the jumping and the holding and the swinging this is to illustrate sort of how the whole thing goes down so there are different circumstances in which you might want to have both PC and Elgato 4K60 Pro Elgato 4K60 Pro.


Intel Core i9-9900K. The first Intel® Core™ i9 desktop processor for the mainstream users. Best in class, the i9-9900K with 16MB of cache1 and Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology cranks maximum turbo frequency up to blazing 5.0 GHz.

gaming pc

Like that one over there the way this works is like I’m you see I’m playing this game maybe I hit the pause button and then I gotta go back to my PC this is a single monitor scenario of how this would work I would just click over here go to the input and then flip over and now I’m on my very own gaming PC as you’d expect I could be either doing productivity tasks or gaming as you would but.

It’s important to remember these two things are working independently so if you had a dual monitor setup you could have your gaming PC loaded up and then still have your Xbox on a secondary display I just so happen to have them going to separate inputs on the same display well how longam I running around before I get a lightsaber or something.

This is very assassin’s creed / uncharted are the same developers involved here with the jumping and the climbing and what not you’re almost there they kind of got me though because I was a big Uncharted guy yeah it was a big thing for me it’s probably the last game.

I spent a lot of time on oh look at this oh man oh what a slide yeah so no weapons yet I haven’t got a lightsaber or anything like that it be a lot of jumping and climbing and stuff like that I’m not complaining though I kind of like that look at that oh yes in case you don’t know this is the hottest game right now you probably already know, to be honest, you’ve probably heard about it it’s tennis to the face in the face at the right angletherenah.

Best gaming PC

gamming pc

How about this bounce it up and over yeah you go past a level only one crowd we’re playing on the PlayStation now you don’t even know we change from the Xbox and Playstation cuz we have the two versions of the actual Big O as it is as you can buy it in 2020 you’re used to origin making gaming PC’s so somehow with this proposition the exciting partis the console part now.

I gave it some more thinking and as much as I’m enjoying this tennis game I think the PlayStation 1 is the better deal because on the Microsoft side for the most part if there’s a title available for Xbox it’s probably gonna have a PC version because of the Microsoft component whereas over here.

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I know for a fact there are some PlayStationexclusives that aren’t even available on PC that said if you’re using it as a dual setup living room slash desktop setup then maybe it doesn’t matter to you as much and you just want to have something from the couch and something from the desk but then again maybe all you want to do is take a quick break from all your hardcore gaming and bootup a friendly title like this one.

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