[BEST] OnePlus 8 vs OnePlus 8 Pro : Who Is The Best ?

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Comparison Between Oneplus 8 And Oneplus 8 Pro

Hy guys  Oneplus 8 Pro and that’s not the only device that one plus put out they put out a standard one plus eight with a small price discrepancy coming in a hundred dollars cheaper and with a very similar spec list so since I went into great detail on the Oneplus 8 Pro it only makes sense to do a comparison.

Here between the one plus eight and the Oneplus eight Pro the pro brother of the standard one plus eight so anyways I’m gonna have this one on standby and let’s jump inside the box and take a closer look at the standard one plus eight.


Oneplus 8 Pro Specs

Now this one is in the interstellar glow color 12 GB RAM 256 ROM there are two variations of each of the pro and nonPro model you can either get 8 gigs of ram or 12 gigs of ram and that’s a $100upgrade I am excited to check out this interstellar glow color of course.

one plus 8 pro

I had to have really nice looking blue on the one plus 8 Pro the packaging is identically the way the box the new one plus logo as you can see greeted by your oneplus paperwork also in here you’re going to have some stickers they give you a whole sticker set up this time around here is the device I’m gonna put.

It to the side for just a moment also in the package you have your USB cable one plus special USB cable red with white tips type-c and then there’s a warp charge power brick also in the package so this is missing some of the things that came in the pro model package including a freebie case.

Now one of the differences between this device who we’ll check out the interstellar glow I think that might be a cooler even more cyberpunk setup than the blue that I got on the pro model I’m also noticing right away that this is way lighter than the pro model what don’t pull my goodness look at.

The mirror finish on this thing okay this couldn’t be more different than the pro model this thing reflective it’s got it’s like one of the most reflective phones I’ve ever seen I’m gonna get a reflection there’s this is wild this thing is gonna shimmer it’s gonna collect fingerprints but itis like five hundred different colors in one Wow now the package like.

I said it strikes you right away just how much lighter itis then the pro model look at this now from a form-factor perspective they’re very close but weight wise you do notice a difference and also thickness the other thing you’re gonna pick up on is the camera hump or lack thereof on the nonpro model.


It’s a little bit more slender and I don’t know to call me crazy I might say in my hand that the non-Pro model actually has a slightly more luxurious feel is that wild is that crazy I don’t know why that is maybe it’s just this weight ratio and the balance of the thing but that is a very cool color interstellar glow.

It’slike 500 different colors and I’m seeing pink I’m seeing blue I’m seeing gold for sure depending on the angle with which you look at it now yes it’s cool-looking yes has a nice balance to but it does not have all the features that the pro model has in it.

One of the big ones that missing here then I’m a big fan of or at least I’m really excited to try out on the pro model is this warp charge over wireless charging so yes they of course include a warp charge power brick which is gonna get this thing to 50 percent charge in like 20 minutes.

maybe a little over 20 minutes but one plus of  they debuted this warp charge wireless charging which in 30 minutes is going to I ove you 50 percent of your charge on the pro model which also happens to have a slightly larger battery than the one you’ve got in the non-pro but anyways what can you expect here.

You’re dealing with a smaller form factor phone that’slighter in the hand it’s gonna have a smaller battery in it moving around the device we have our USB port at the bottom type-c connector you have your volume rocker over on the other side and then you have the famous textured oneplus programmable switch.

one plus 8 pro

You have a power button in that location the whole this feels crazy comfy in my hand the front of the device slightly lower solution display than the pro model similar camera cutout in the top corner why don’t we just boot it up let’s go ahead and do that very quick set up there let’s check out the display so another thing.

I should mention one of the drawbacks of going with the non-pro model you only get a 90 Hertz display compared to a 120 now whether or not your eyeballs can pick up that difference

It showed the difference actually between 60 Hertz all the way up to 144Hertz with 90 and 120 in between so you can go watch that see if you can spot the difference but the pro model on the left here slightly bigger and dimensions lightly higher resolution display and120 Hertz which for me that’s just too much of a list to ignore for $100 more but.

could see some people opting for the non-Pro model just because they want something a little bit more manageable in a single-handed scenario it’s evident to me just popping it out of the box this is gonna be set up for 90 Hertz out of the box I believe.

If we click the display settings here and look into advanced screen refresh 90 Hertz out of the box and just like on the pro model you can knock that back to 60 Hertz if you would prefer greater battery life now another thing to mention with the non-Pro models seeing is how.

It has as lightly less large camera bump there is isn’t as much wobble to it on the back this has to be maybe the largest Oneplus camera bump that I’ve seen on any of their devices of course it’s at the trend in 2020 but this one the non-pro a little more typical to what you’ re probably comfortable with at the moment so again.

Best Camera Oneplus 8 And Oneplus 8 Pro

I think the message here with this particular device is the trim and slim form factor the slim version of the pro model now the other big difference between these devices is the camera setup you’re giving up the telephoto camera if you go for the non-pro bottle but you do have your ultra-wide in there and.

one plus 8 pro

You have a dedicated macro camera which as you guys know and I demonstrated in the pro model video that can be really fun to use creatively get up close to certain subjects and objects now on the pro the wide-angle lens is going to double as your crow camera then on the non-Pro model your macro camera is going to be dedicated so it’s sitting.

There on its own and you lose out on the telephoto where do I stand on this I think if you’re going to have to select between having an ultra-wide and a telephoto you take the ultra-wide if you’re forced to pick between the two of course if you step up to the pro you’re not forced you choose.

You get to have both that are in there but it’s at the expense of this much larger camera hump when I hold these in the profile you can see it strust me it’s bigger now from a horsepower perspective they should become parable of course we’re talking about snapdragon 865 and you’d have to get hat chip given the price point of either of these two devices and Oneplus 6t camera features.

let’s launch into the camera real quick and why don’t we actually shoot the pro model from the non-pro here so what do we end up with well as you can see by default we step out the gate at the 1x perspective we can bounce out to the wide perspective and interestingly I didn’t see any color shift in the white balance on this modellike.

I saw on the pro model so the super macro mode is up here in the inter face identified by this little icon this little flower icon to me it doesn’t seem like a massive improvement to turn off super macro and just bounce into the zoom I think I actually get a better result on there so this is your 2x zoom and to me.

It’s about as detailed and about as magnified as that macro setting that’s on here that’s the macro there in fact I might even prefer the qu X for a close-up here in this particular environment which is strange much like I was able to show off in the pro model video.

one plus 8 pro

you’re seeing detail in the table here now as far as the main camera is concerned nice detail sharpness and we’ve also got the ultra-wide baked in which is not as wide as the pro model now the selfie that I shot on the pro model it was scary that selfie it was particle level it was showcasing gall kinds of detail tremendous detail with the beauty mode turned off.

I was really impressed by that let’s see if this one can replicate of course this is a well-lit environment yes I think it has effectively replicated beard hair test off-the-charts I can see the focus peaking on the lens just lighten up like a Christmas tree that’s a good sign performance should be suitable should be acceptable to.

You and probably give you more detail than you want to see of yourself that was definitely the case on the pro model and believe it or not that’s what I like to see the detail to the point where you can appreciate every ine and little wrinkle and so forth that’s part of being a technology enthusiast even.

If you have to look at your ugly self you understand that’s how it works now this speaker setup was pretty good on the pro model how about on the nonpro[Music]dual firing from the bottom and from thee a piece your low-end coming from the bottom your detail coming from thee a piece let’s listen to a little bit of dialogue.


Real quick in the past when stepping yeah it’s all its all there okay so I’m satisfied with that I’d say that one might be a little tiny touch louder what is the story with these two devices how do you compare how do you figure out which of these is right for you because you’re checking it out you’re trying to figure.

It out you don’t have them in your hand so I’m trying to be useful here for you obviously I’m attracted to the Pearlmodel it’s got the pro title it’s got the pro designation it seems simple it straightforward it’s got the warp charge on the wireless I’ve been talking about wireless charging for a couple thousand years uh.

Oneplus 8 Pro Specification

oneplus 8 specification

That said somehow the non-pro model feels like a slightly more finished product in your hand what a bizarre thing to say it’s a little less jaggedy it’s a little more smooth around the edges the balance of it just feels more polished maybe that’s why they made it maybe that’s why they’re so close in price.

I feel like if you held both of these phones you definitely wouldn’t feel like you were taking a step back with the non-pro variant that said it’sonly a hundred dollar difference which is kind of a weird difference it’s like if you’re already spending 800 bucks 700bucks you’re really you’re in the territory.

You’re in the pro model are your in the pro model arena and do you really not want to have the pro model the only reason I could really see going for the non-Pro seriously is if your number one concern is single-handed functionality and the comfort of incredibly slender phone you got to remember.

when I’m talking about form factor I’m not just talking about the dimension this way I’m talking about the overall volume of the device and somehow with its extra slimness and just being trimmed a tiny bit in almost every direction it does feel different in your hand but you know for me.

it’s got to be the pro I’m going pro 120 Hertz instead of 90 warp charge on the wireless not just on the wire higher resolution display bigger battery what are we doing here

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