Huawei P40 Pro 5G price, specification and Launch Date in India : June 18, 2020.

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Huawei P40 Pro 5G

Huawei P40 Pro series devices from Huawei the one that I have today is the p40 pro this one is the matte gray color but they put out so many models today including a plus version of this they put out a tremendous number of color options there was the p40.

regular version so that makes  p40 Pro P 40Pro Plus and then a variety of color availability within there all the way up to a Penta camera set up on the Pro Plus model funny enough when I was watching the live stream I was hoping that I would get the silver version and that what I got anyways Koh engineered with Leica and if you look at the bottom side of the box there a part of the Box you see explore it on App gallery so obviously.


Huawei P40 Pro Specification

#Huawei P40 Pro.
#Huawei P40 Pro Specifications

Huawei P40 Pro Specifications and feature

Huawei is advertising their own AppStore in the absence of the Google stores and they’re gonna try to you know they’re gonna aim to get as many developers interested or excited about their app store as possible they did name a few during the live broadcast they’re gonna want to expand that to keep the person.

Interested in this device and any of their devices going forward okay so here is the phone Oh interest in that kind of looks different than what I expected for the color it’s got a little more blue tone to it it’s really shimmery and cool-looking though so itis a matte finish that’s on there now this back being this matte finish makes it quite a bit different.


Then what you’re seeing in the marketplace, of course, I’ve seen it before this combination of a matte finish which still has a shimmer to it and a bit of reflectiveness but still mostly matte included a kind of basic clear case just to get you protected straight out the gate this is just your USB cable to charge it up to USB type-c something that was really exciting that they.

Huawei p40 pro announced40 watt wireless charging for the ProPlus model I get excited about weird things including very fast charging and if it can be Wireless that’s just an even more of a bonus but this one does include a fast-charging power brick supercharged power brick which is also 40 watts yeah right there supercharged 40 watts max from.

Huawei P40 Pro 5g

the wired connection and they also give you some type C earbudsthere’s no headphone jack obviously because I should also mention of course always makes their full wireless earbuds the free buds 3 and if you head over to my Twitter account right now there’s a giveaway for two of these in fact as well as two of these guys watchgt2 this is the two weeks better smartwatch.

So all you have to do is retweet a tweet that’s it it’s pretty simple so go check that out ok here is the device and I’m gonna go ahead and boot it up real quick now it has a pill style cut out on the front for your front-facing cameras but this implementation is actually a little bit different because it’s a single 32megapixel camera and then in IR which is gonna help with a more secure face on lock.

This is cool too how the frame of the device you can see it sort of juts up in the corners you see how it sort of just juts up in the corner there and then drops back down for your waterfall edge along the side a USB type-c connector on the bottom and that’s where your speakers as well and we have our SIM card tray that location also around the side of the.

Huawei P40 Pro 5g

The device is where you’re gonna find your power switch as well as your volume rocker this is gonna give you an idea of that screen to body ratio and just how that bezel operates with the waterfall design there’s a bit more of a bezel than showed up in the presentation but somehow the curvature of the glass and the reflection that it creates actually allows for a greater impression screen to body ratio than might.

Actually be there especially on the forehead here, of course, we’re in a pretty crazy territory right now for screen to body ratio and just how aggressive manufacturers are getting I think it’s just sort of ascience fiction effect where you feel like you’re holding all screen and that can be exciting you kind of want to feel like you’re holding the future and that’s the whole initiative with these screen types alright.

So for unlocking options we have fingerprint which is in display and we have face recognition nowI’m a fan of face unlock when it works quickly I hate it when there’s any kind of delay to it or secondary step I’ve used the optical-based face on locks on various devices but the question the problem is whether or not they’re properly secured of course you’ve seen on.

Huawei P40 Pro Specifications

This channel I’ve used pictures of myself videos of myself to unlock other devices that are strictly optical so it appears that hallways angle here is to go with the more secure style face unlock including and then on the Apple side you don’t the fingerprint unlock in conjunction which I think a lot of people would like having both versions devices I’ve used where I have both options there are times where.

it’s more convenient to use the fingerprint and times where it’s more convenient to use the face unlock setup face recognition and include enable raise to wake this is the ultimate setup you just lift it up okay cool alright there isn’t this activity which existed in the past with other manufacturers not necessary now it asks to do a fingerprint as well so I might as well do that, okay so the device is set up now.

I’m gonna blast the brightness for you to give you an idea of what that OLED is looking like there you go that’s full pop brightness this also gives you an idea of the camera cutout you can see at the top their considerations with this when you’ redoing front-facing images you get tilt it just a little bit because it is an off-center advantage there’s it’s a bit less distracting as having a large notch in the center of the display.

When you’ rewatching the video and stuff like that by default a lot of manufacturers still have the two-stage thing where you have to swipe up after it identifies you now often you can turn that off it feels so much faster without the slide so this is something I wish Apple let you do to directly go into the interface when it sees your face I understand the advantage of the two-step thing there something so satisfying about just hitting.

The switch and being in it almostwhoa what hang on its crazy fast alright hold up it’s instant it’s a very very quick face on lock in-display fingerprint as a secondary option so I like this I think a lot of other manufacturers should have this do this face plus fingerprint it’s the right way to go all right now obviously the camera setup that’s a big deal you’re gonna be very interested.

Huawei P40 Pro 5g

This is kind of the trend I mean obviously you’re aware of it it’s like these things are increasingly becoming cameras with smartphones in them the widest shot we can get so that is a pretty cool image now I know.

Tt’s just a bottle of water but surprisingly it got some detail out of it and it managed the exposure in a really difficult environment more towards the text and the blue portion of the bottle now keeps in mind.

This is the ultra-wide but they still have a pretty big aperture on their ultra-wide camera the 1x camera is gonna outperform on almost any smartphone probably just an overall kind of sharpness and detail I would say so but it’s a different.

Camera for a different purpose right now we have 5xspoon and I might as well well in here a quick 10x as well all right so this is pretty wild you can see the versatility of camera options all rights.

This is what you’re gonna get with10x and then if we swipe over that you’re 5x shot and then we move over that’s your standard 1x and that’s your ultra-wide right there it’s a lot of versatility smartphones in 2020 got to bring the versatility particularly in the camera Department um I guess I’ll load up some loot later real quick also just want to give a shout out to everybody who’s been on the live streams.

the loo later channel as I’ve sort of been dealing with the solo enterprise here at the studio I’m trying to I rearrange things and you remember yesterday when I was on here I had no audio on the jump[Music]almost forgot we have to do a selfie’s go ahead I’m gonna turn the beauty effects off so you see the beard hairs as nature intended and let’s go ahead and grab one real quick oh wow okay well that is beyond that is tremendous detail.

I hope you can appreciate it there’s a beard hair off to the side they’re jumping out of jumping off the face needing a trim they’ve been doing it in the camera department no doubt I was sitting there thinking about previous events I went to when I first saw night mode and I was blown away when he started putting a tremendous number of cameras on there and now, of course, you checked the industry and.

Huawei P40 Pro 5g

it’s like everybody’s got these cameras everybody’s got the nightmare during the presentation you can go back and watch it it’s on the channel they were citing some camera specs on this thing that we’re bananas all that aside it’s impossible to really look at this phone and talk about this phone without referencing the fact that Google is really not involved and if you’re ina part of the world where you rely on Google services.

you need to know that as it stands there is obviously conflict not necessarily conflict between the companies of software companies service providers in Huawei there are restrictions in place that is not allowing those companies to work together will that be the case forever, of course, I don’t know nobody knows in the meantime Huawei has its own app gallery is it gonna have what you need of course you’re gonna have to take a look for yourself.

now Iknow the power users are out there saying I don’t care I’m just gonna sideload my app I’m gonna mod it up I’m gonna completely configure it the way that I want and that’s fine those people are gonna exist but as far as out of the box as far as software updates go and so forth it’s a bit of it’s kind of some untested waters so it’s important to put that disclaimer out there for the time being this phone not so.

Google granted you saw you jump into the browser you still get on YouTube I mean it’s not an impossible hurdle to overcome it’s just a kind of it’s a thing you need to be aware of so the new silver color Matt finish with the tremendous camera module on there this is the pro version I do want to check out the Pro Plus and the supercharger wireless supercharged at 40watts it is the new P 40 Pro from Huawei

Huawei P40 Pro Specifications

performance HiSilicon Kirin
storage 256 GB
camera 50MP + 40MP + 12MP
battery 4200 mAh
display 6.58″ (16.71 cm)
ram 8 GB
Launch Date in India June 18, 2020 (Expected)

Camera and Battery

front camera 32 MP
battery 4200 mAh
processor HiSilicon Kirin 990 5G
display 6.58 inches
ram 8 GB
rear camera 50 MP + 40 MP + 12 MP

General feature

quick charging Yes
operating system Android v10 (Q)
sim slots Dual SIM, GSM+GSM
model P40 Pro
launch date June 18, 2020 (Expected)
custom ui EMUI
brand Huawei
sim size SIM1: Nano SIM2: Nano (Hybrid)
network 4G: Available (supports Indian bands) 3G: Available, 2G: Available
fingerprint sensor Yes


Huawei p40 pro 5g camera comes with a very large 1/1.28″ 50MP Quad-Bayer sensor that produces a 12MP image. Li-Po 4200 mAh battery charging Fast charging 40W.

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